Twyford Alcona Top Flush WC, HO

  • Brand              Twyford
  • Suite                Alcona
  • Product code AR1148WH
  • Colour             White
  • Height             390 mm
  • Width              360 mm
  • Depth              625 mm
  • Weight            14.50 Kg

The Twyford Alcona Top Flush WC HO,  a well-known brand in the bathroom fixtures industry. The Alcona Top Flush WC features a top-mounted flush button or lever, allowing for efficient and effective flushing.

some of the  key features and details of the Twyford Alcona Top Flush WC:

Design: The Alcona Top Flush WC has a sleek and contemporary design that can complement various bathroom styles. It is designed to save space and fit easily into most bathrooms.


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